Are Hillary’s Vanishing Emails a Voodoo Curse for Haiti?

Are Hillary’s Vanishing Emails a Voodoo Curse for Haiti?

Hillary Clinton is in the one percent of the global elite.  So, how much is Hillary Clinton worth?  Judging  from articles in Forbes and Politico she is worth about 35 million dollars.

Her mansion on Embassy Row in Washington D.C. was purchased for $2.85 million dollars.  She enjoys 5 bedrooms and 6 baths. Her home in Chappaqua is an 11 room colonial home she purchased for $1.7 million.

How does this privileged life compare to the average Haitian? They live in absolute squalor. The World Bank reports that Haiti has the highest poverty rate in the world.  How high? It is a staggering 77%!

So, of course we'd expect that a socially conscious liberal like Hillary Clinton would be doing everything possible to help this country.  In fact she has a long standing relationship with Haiti.  It was one of the first countries they visited as newlyweds in 1975.

Hillary is more closely tied to Haiti than any other country. When Bill Clinton was a United Nations special envoy, he helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the country when it was devastated in 2010 by an earthquake.

This money was sent to the Clinton Foundation.  During this time Hillary Clinton was the secretary of state.  By now you should be smelling something fishy…

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