Hillary’s Mole in the Sanders Campaign Exposed

Hillary’s Mole in the Sanders Campaign Exposed

The fact that it can't be anymore clearer how corrupt the left is, yet people continue to support their method of politics is a true testimony to the willingness of Americans to overlook complete and total corruption. With WikiLeaks confirming more and more of our suspicions about just how evil Hillary Clinton is, and her popularity rising among Bernie Sanders supporters, now it seems, was a great time for this latest leak to surface.

As it turns out, Hillary had a mole in the Sanders campaign who actually leaked Bernie Sanders info to the Clinton campaign. This confirms what even liberal believers have been wondering: The DNC has been pushing for Hillary Clinton all along. The tip off included the Tweets for the “Twitter storm” that the Sanders campaign had planned that was to be hosted by the Bernie 2016 African-America Outreach team.

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