Hillary’s Hypocrisy on Women Registering For the Draft

Hillary’s Hypocrisy on Women Registering For the Draft

Like most feminists, Hillary Clinton is hypocritical about equality between men and women. She and her cohorts claim to want be treated no differently from men.

Well, they want equal treatment as long as it's for something they want, like “equal pay” to compensate for the widely debunked wage gap they perceive in the workplace. If it's something that requires actual toil and sacrifice, however, the last thing they want is to be treated like men, as was painfully apparent at last night's Democratic debate.

Addressing the Democratic frontrunner, CNN moderator Anderson Cooper questioned her about her opinion of military leaders voicing support for requiring women to register for Selective Service. As a self-proclaimed advocate of gender equality, you would think that Hillary would say that women, like men, should register for the draft. At least, that would be the philosophically consistent thing to do.

But as you probably know, progressives like Hillary are not interested in being philosophically consistent: they're just want to do the most expedient thing at the moment and avoid putting themselves at risk. So it was no surprise that Hillary came out against women registering with Selective Service.

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