Hillary’s Complete Disrespect for Old Glory Says So Much

Hillary’s Complete Disrespect for Old Glory Says So Much

Old Glory, left lying in a pile at the Hillary election night party, represents precisely what is wrong with Hillary and her lifelong goal to be President.  It is all about her and not at all about her country.

Those she surrounds herself with are all about Hillary and do not seem to have an shred of patriotism, love of country and in this case respect for the American flag.

How does one grow up in America and not know the proper way in which to treat Old Glory?  Perhaps our school systems have failed to educate Americans on properly respecting and caring for the flag, but more than likely it is just the liberal left being insolent.

Even the media editor at the Washington Post was clueless regarding the undignified manner in which the flag was left. According to the American Legion, the flag should not touch anything underneath it, including the ground.  Should the flag touch the ground, cleaning is necessary to keep it in a manner in which it is suitable for display.

Hillary and her people allowed the Stars and Stripes to lie crumpled on the floor, a representation of their lack of care for all things of import in America.  Read the remarks of others regarding this neglect on the following page.

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