Hillary’s Coat is Hiding Something

Hillary has vanished in more ways than one.  She is not active on the campaign trial and most recently at a fundraiser in Nantucket, she disappeared under a heavy wool jacket in the heat of summer.  Being cold in the middle of a summer day again creates speculation about Hillary's health.

Hillary Clinton has had numerous health issues in her sixties, some of which have resulted in falling accidents.

Can Hillary, should she be elected, even do the strenuous job that the role of President demands?  Or is her health so bad, that she should pull out of the race now?

Most recently, a photo has been circulating on the Internet from February, showing Hillary Clinton unable to walk up the six or seven stairs without a lot of support on either side of her body from her aides.

What is actually going on with this 68-year-old candidate and would it be prudent for her to discontinue this race if her very health is in jeopardy?

So what is going on with the oversized wool jacket on a balmy summer day?  What are the bulges under her green pantsuit?


Is it a LifeVest wearable defibrillator is a treatment option for sudden cardiac arrest?

Many tweeted their opinions about the winter-wear. hillary-august-fundraiser-sick-575x368

What a bizarre choice of clothing.

Via Mike Cernovich:

Wool coat and black pants in August? Yeah sick Hillary is TOTALLY NOT HIDING any medical devices. pic.twitter.com/PFoiEYdODf — Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) August 21, 2016

Americans are supposed to trust her but she can’t even choose the right clothes to wear.

Because Hillary has been displaying odd behavior on the campaign trail, perhaps her handlers are limiting the American people from seeing her health issues grow worse.

On the campaign trail, Hillary was discussing healthcare and states, “We need to make what we’ve got work really well and improve it and get the costs out of…” and something short circuits and she is unable to connect her next thought.

In this moment, before hundreds of screaming fans, Hillary displays symptoms that could be tied to post-concussive syndrome or even Parkinson’s disease.  Her disorientation and the wobble of her head, as if she cannot hold it up and may faint should cause her staff deep concern.

Whatever is going on with her, she needs to get a new doctor's note, as the one the left keeps touting as giving her a “clean bill of health” is very outdated.

Source: Gateway Pundit




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