Hillary’s Childhood Home Proves “Working-Class” Childhood Claim a Lie

Hillary Clinton's Childhood Home near Chicago, IL

hillary childhood home

Is Hillary Clinton's history one of a girl who grew up in a “working-class” home, overcoming very humble beginnings to achieve greatness through hard work and sacrifice?  After all, that's the image she seeks to portray as she campaigns for president.  As we've found typical with Hillary, the facts are at variance with her claims.

She talks about how her father eked out a living making drapery to support his family. A nice story, but a check of the facts proves otherwise.

Located at 235 N. Wisner St. in the affluent Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, the Clinton childhood home is a beautiful two-story house that her father paid for in full, in cash. He was the owner of a successful drapery business and did quite well.

There's Hillary's strategy on display:  Put enough truth in her statements to make them believable, but not enough to make them accurate.  So deceit is employed as a regular tool.

Clinton was able to attend Wellesley College, a private women’s college in Massachusetts. She then went on to Yale, which, of course, all kids from working class families do.

Sarcasm noted.  All kids from working class families do not typically attend Ivy League colleges — only those who are exceptionally gifted or posses some other characteristic that makes scholarships or other financial assistance available to pay for such an exclusive education.

Hillary had a very cushy, well-financed life while growing up in Chicago.  That she tries to hide that fact from her audience is another measure of her deceit.

Source:  Silence is Consent

Photo: vacationsmadeeasy.com


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