Hillary Has Yet Another Coughing Fit

Hillary Has Yet Another Coughing Fit

Hillary Clinton needs to start taking *cough cough* vitamins *cough cough*. She certainly seems to be sick a lot. This is once again causing her supporters to wonder about the state of her health. As young as she looks, if elected (God help us), she would almost be the oldest president to ever take up the mantle. Ronald Reagan was elected at sixty-nine years of age, while Hillary is just short of that mark at sixty-eight years of age. While her most recent coughing fit didn’t last nearly as long as the others, many are wondering if it has something to do with the concussion she suffered years ago, or if she’s actually sick, and if so, can she survive the rigors of being the head honcho in the White House?

Then there’s the alternative. Perhaps she’s developed a nervous tick and coughs every time she lies. Or maybe she’s starting to choke on all of those skeletons she’s hidden in her closet. Anything is possible.

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