Hillary: Unborn Babies Do Not Have Constitutional Rights, Even On The Due Date

“At what point does a person have Constitutional rights and are you saying that a child, on its due date, just hours before delivery, still has no Constitutional rights?”
Hillary's response, while shaking her head up and down, was, “Under our law, that is the case, Paulette.  I support Roe v. Wade (applause from the baby killers in the crowd),  because I think it is an important statement about the importance of a woman making this most difficult decision, with consultation by whom she chooses… her doctor, her faith, her family.  And under the law, and under certainly that decision, that is the way we structure it.”
Late term abortions which is anytime after 24 weeks, when a baby is viable and can live outside the womb, are illegal.  This fact demonstrates that the laws throughout the United States see viability as the benchmark for the protection of life, thus Hillary's argument that Roe v. Wade supports her position that a pre-born baby is without Constitutional rights is false, as the states have put in place protections for babies in the womb past 24 weeks.
Hillary then goes on,  “Because I have traveled to so many countries, it's hard to understand the impact that a government can have when it tries to substitute its judgement for the individual woman's.  So in China for many years, you had forced abortion, forced sterilization, which I abhor.”
What exactly does Hillary abhor?  The government substituting its judgement for the individual woman?  Isn't that exactly what Hillary and the left have done with abortion funding and the ACA? Women are forced by the government to pay, through taxes and mandated healthcare, for abortion procedures that they do not support.  What does Hillary abhor: forced abortion and sterilization or just the term forced?
Continuing, Hillary shared, “But also in some countries, Romania, being the best example, women were ordered to bare five children and were actually followed by police, secret police to make sure they did.”
Not exactly, Mrs. Clinton. Under Nicolae Ceausescu's Degree 770, the “initial version outlawed abortion for women with fewer than four children and under the age of 40. But he ‘improved' the edict over the years until in December 1985, still unhappy with the birth rate, he set the limits to five children and age 45.”
W0men were not forced to get pregnant with five children, but rather, they could not have an abortion until they had had at least five children.  Get the facts straight, Mrs. Clinton.  You have a way of lying even when one's facts are easy to prove otherwise.
Most of the women on The View were leaning in, listening intently, as their goddess spun tales of women's lib valor,  which ignores the moral issue of  the sanctity of life and elevates choice to the place of deity.
“My view is, under Roe v. Wade, the appropriate way to handle this, is to give that authority to women…(again, screams from the peanut gallery).  When the government gets involved or when you say it's illegal, and women and doctors are criminals, that's way too far.”
Hillary does not view the unborn child as part of “We the People of the United States”, nor does she believe in Justice for the unborn.  She will not “insure domestic Tranquility” for an unborn baby, as it is not human in her mind.  The common defense and general Welfare only applies to the woman with the womb and not the baby within. Lastly, securing the “Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”, becomes a sick play on words in the mind of an abortion advocate, for they slaughter Posterity everyday, claiming it is their right and Blessing of Liberty to do so, writes Truth and Action.
Hillary, the government is involved and has set up protections for the unborn babies whom you claim have no rights until they are out of the womb.  The government, which you have been a part of much of your life, is invasive in its involvement of American lives through taxation and regulation.  You are running on the ticket of big government invasion, but in this one instance claim otherwise.

Source: Truth and Action



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