Hillary: Trump Won by ‘Settling Grievances’ for Millions of ‘White People’

Hillary: Trump Won by ‘Settling Grievances’ for Millions of ‘White People’

Jane Pauley has gotten the first major interview with Hillary following the unfair and terrible treatment she received in the media (okay…) and not because Pauley is particularly gifted or non-partisan, but only because Hillary has to still pay her bills and she didn’t get that really cool $450K a year job in that big white building on Pennsylvania Avenue.

So, with the make-up and lighting just wonderfully done to perfection, her hair the perfect shade of yellow and the library books all set up in the correct order behind her, Pauley gives her ample time and room to explain “What Happened,” which, incidentally, happens to be the name of her new book that may shatter all previous Clinton books before this (the New York Times has promised to rig the Bestseller List so that any Conservative bestsellers will suddenly bow to the dominance and superiority of “What the Hell Happened?”).

True to form, despite claiming to take “full responsibility” for her loss (and despite a very helpful Pauley repeating the lie a couple of times in her narrative), Hillary blames everyone and everything for her loss.  Even her ridiculous claim of admission that the private email server was a “mistake,” the report spends a total of about one minute on explaining that the email server scandal was already over by the time she was “gaining momentum” before that scum-bucket Comey announced eleven days before the election that he was examining new evidence in the case.

The pack of lies that was polished and repackaged to make it seem like she was over the loss just reinforced her hatred of White rural America, where the “deplorables” revisit by Pauley could be seen to visibly shake Clinton who appeared ready to brawl with the interviewer over that “gift to her adversary.”

Check out the next page where she basically tells Pauley that those damned White people in America are just too stupid to turn away from a sexist, misogynistic creep like Donald Trump!

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