How Hillary Ran a Parallel State Dept

How Hillary Ran a Parallel State Dept

In a very lengthy and in depth report recently, the interconnection between Hillary Clinton and three separate (but intertwined) corporations has come to light.  The “overlapping” of the Clinton's interests has always been the key to unraveling the Hillary email/server scandal.  The fact that the servers originated on the Clinton's property is due to the Clinton's involvement in these corporations-The Clinton Foundation, Teneo, and an entity known as “the Hillary Clinton private group”.

The Hillary “private group” is not a corporation but is made up of those contacts the Clinton's have which the Clinton's preferred to keep secret.  The relationships are known, but the emails that went back and forth with these individuals are the point of needed secrecy.

The special interests and possible unlawful transactions that transpired between these people and entities are the heart of the email scandal, and the reason the Clinton's never intended on any transparency.  The servers are the means to which the motive-to keep their intertwined dealings secret, are now coming to light.

If the Clinton's, especially Hillary as Secretary of State, comes away from this without criminal charges, it will indeed be a great crime against the American people.

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