Hillary Misses Debate Because She Refused To Share A Restroom

Hillary Clinton refused to share a public bathroom with O'Malley spokeswoman, Lis Smith.

As Breitbart News immediately reported during the debate, the ABC telecast came back from a commercial break with an empty Clinton podium. Clinton went back out onstage, said “Sorry,” and did not explain her absence. The mystery grew: Where was Hillary?

Clinton reportedly went to the ladies’ room during the commercial break, according to The Boston Globe. Clinton even had a campaign employee on bathroom duty to make sure Clinton could quickly get inside the restroom and return to the stage. But when that staffer let in O’Malley spokeswoman Lis Smith, Clinton waited outside.

Why would Clinton not share a restroom with Smith?

Source: Breitbart

There's really not much more to say on the subject. Clinton refusing to share a public bathroom with someone is so smug, so arrogant, so glaringly immature, that all you can really do is shrug and shake your head. It would be more disappointing if Hillary wasn't already an avowed socialist and liar.




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