Hillary: Michelle Obama is Right, Women are to Blame for Trump Victory

Americas still prefer not to have a criminal in the Oval Office, be it a woman or a man. But to Hillary Clinton, that couldn't possibly be the reason she was not elected. As liberals have only two cards in their deck to play, the race card and the sexist card, it isn't too hard to predict how Hillary will play her hand.

Hillary Clinton said on Monday in New Zealand that former First Lady Michelle Obama was “so right” over the weekend when she blasted women for not electing Clinton and said female politicians are held to a higher standard than men.

“The more professionally successful we are, the less people like us,” Clinton said. “Historically, people like me when I’m serving a supporting role… But the minute a women, at least in our country, stands up and says ‘I’d like a chance to lead’… everything changes.”

Clinton told the Auckland audience that “a few days ago Michelle Obama pointed out the consequences of holding women to impossibly high standards.”

“I think she’s so right,” Clinton said. “This is something we have to explore, understand and change.”

Over the weekend, Obama also said she hoped women could fail up as much as men after emphasizing that she was “concerned” that more women voters did not vote for Clinton.

“In light of this last election, I’m concerned about us, as women, and what we think about ourselves and about each other,” Obama reportedly said at the United State of Women summit in California. “What is going on in our heads where we let that happen. So I do wonder what are young girls dreaming about, if we’re still there?”

Obama also added that it was frustrating “watching men fail up” and “blow it and win.”

Clinton told the New Zealand audience that Democrats have to “crack the code” to beat the country’s first “reality TV” president in 2020.


Source: Breitbart


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