Hillary: I Can Deal With Men Like Trump Who Sometimes ‘Get Off the Reservation’

Hillary may want to offer a peace offering to Native Americans after her comment, “Remember, I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak.”

Even Bernie Sanders’ tribal outreach director Nicole Willis called her out. (Yes. Bernie Sanders has a tribal outreach director. For real.)

“This is one of many sayings that marginalize the experience of American Indians and Alaska Natives. I’m disappointed that politicians who should have ample opportunity to interface with tribal representatives still use such expressions,” Willis said.

Offending Indians and the male population around the United States in one statement takes a great amount of tactlessness talent.  Yet her disgust of men, a group that she needs in order to beat Trump, will not be pleased with her remarks.

Hillary’s mass amounts of “experience” has prepared her for Trump’s “temper tantrums, bullying or their efforts to try to provoke me, he can say what he wants to say about me, I could really care less”.

Don’t you mean you could NOT care less?

Anyway, Trump responded, “Crooked Hillary has said she is used to dealing with men who get off the reservation actually she’s done very poorly with such men and you had made a statement that I think the only card she has is the woman’s card and if she were a man I don’t think she’s get 5% of the vote.”

Hillary’s statements were “Very derogatory toward Native Americans, but a very derogatory statement to men,” said Trump to Sean Hannity.  “It is almost as if she is going to tell us what to do, tell men what to do.  It was a real put down. If I were to have made that statement or if somebody else were to have made that statement, it would have been like a big headline.  She got away with it.  As far as her running for office, she’s playing the woman’s card like I’ve never seen anyone play the woman’s card and am disgusted by it.  There is no question about it, if she were a man, I don’t think she would get 5 % of the vote.”

I wonder if Hillary will be pulling out her Indian Woman’s Card to try and make amends?

Source: Chicks on the Right



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