Hillary Lost the Election, May Lose Her Freedom Next

Hillary has sacrificed everything in her quest to win the White House.  Clearly she jettisoned her integrity decades ago, if she ever had any to begin with.  Her marriage has always been a disaster.  With respected physicians questioning her deteriorating health, that could very well be one more sacrifice.  She's made innumerable enemies.  She's the butt of no end of very vicious jokes.  That last one might not seem like much, but for egomaniacs such as Hillary, being treated as a joke is something she just cannot stand — it hits directly at her ability to project power, something that is sacred to her.

One thing that she has not sacrificed yet is her freedom.  But she might be well on the way to losing that since she will no longer have a sympathetic presidential administration that is willing to commit obstruction of justice to keep her from being indicted and prosecuted. Should she be prosecuted and found guilty, she might have a new candidate for the most devastating event in her life.


Should Mr. Trump appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary's alleged offenses, her list of devastating experiences might be superseded by a stay in federal prison.

Photo: Red Flag News



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