Hillary Lectures Trump: Don’t Expose the Fed

Hillary is compelled by her concern for the integrity of the Fed (it has none), to criticize Trump for expressing his views on the economy (a normal topic in a political campaign), and she implied that engaging is such dangerous talk is beneath her (a ridiculous notion if I’ve ever heard one).

What does she expect us to believe anyway?  The Fed does nothing but manipulate markets, either through the trading desk of its New York branch which engages in massive, undisclosed manipulation of most every market on the planet, or through the well-connected major banks. These banks are the beneficiaries of inside knowledge of the Fed’s upcoming actions and thus are able to position themselves to profit in advance of moves they know the Fed is going to make.

And Hillary is concerned about Trump making statements that might move markets?

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this interview is that she managed to get through it without a coughing fit.




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