Hillary Helps a Bank—Which Then Gives Millions to the Clintons


The Atlantic piece begins by describing how Clinton helped the Swiss global bank.

“A few weeks after Hillary Clinton was sworn in as secretary of state in early 2009, she was summoned to Geneva by her Swiss counterpart to discuss an urgent matter. The Internal Revenue Service was suing UBS AG to get the identities of Americans with secret accounts,” the newspaper reports. “If the case proceeded, Switzerland’s largest bank would face an impossible choice: Violate Swiss secrecy laws by handing over the names, or refuse and face criminal charges in U.S. federal court. Within months, Mrs. Clinton announced a tentative legal settlement—an unusual intervention by the top U.S. diplomat. UBS ultimately turned over information on 4,450 accounts, a fraction of the 52,000 sought by the IRS.”

The entire expose is here.

Maybe it’s all a mere coincidence, that UBS agreed to hire Bill Clinton for $1.5 million. Perhaps the relevant decision-maker wasn’t even aware of this major amount his wife may have rescued for the bank. Maybe they do not understand the power that she will wield if she wins in 2016. Yeah, right.

Democrats are hurtling toward an embarrassment. The federation that asserts the shameful effect of Citizens United and unlimited campaign contributions it permits is positioned to nominate a couple that major money flowing directly from big banks right to their personal accounts. Eventually, they will bite their own tail.






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