Hillary Finds Commercial Flights to Burdensome

Hillary Finds Commercial Flights to Burdensome

The most recent string of Hillary emails to be go public haven't so much revolved around her corruption as much as they've revolved around her believing herself to be above the “burdens” of normal Americans and how much she's willing to abuse her power to get what she wants. For example, one email released earlier this week stated that one of Hillary's aides got in contact with the NFL commissioner because Hillary had a concussion. Who needs a doctor when you have the National Football League at your disposal?

Then there's Hillary's travel plans. During an email exchange in 2009 between Hillary and her aide Huma Abedin, the then-secretary of state wanted to avoid the hassle of the air shuttle that runs hourly between New York and Washington D.C. So, naturally she called the Air Force, who readied a C21, a little passenger plane for a 6pm departure. You won't believe what she asked next.

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