Hillary Finally Lists Her Secretary of State Accomplishments

Clinton appeared candid as she finally mentioned two accomplishments of her term as Secretary of State:


“If I had to name two, I would say, No. 1, putting together the coalition that imposed sanctions on Iran, which I did for the first 18 months that I was Secretary of State, culminating first in the Security Council deciding that, including Russia and China, they would impose sanctions,” Clinton responded. “And then continuing with a persistent effort to actually enforce those sanctions, which made it possible for us to get to the negotiating table to determine whether there was an agreement that we could be behind.”

“I think on the other issues, whether it was forming better communication or cooperation with China, or reaching out to our allies in Europe who felt very neglected, putting together an economic strategy in the State Department to win and keep American jobs — something very important to me — standing up for Internet freedom … there’s just a long list.”

The read the entire interview from the New Hampshire Union Leader online, click here.


Somehow the “long list” ended at just two items. And those are very shaky as actual accomplishments considering the recent deal with Iran.


The media has noted that Hillary does much better in the polling when she avoids making any commentary on any issues. This interview reinforced that opinion, as her opponents will have much more to undermine her slowly settling campaign.


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