Hillary: ‘We Didn’t Lose a Single Person’ in Libya

Frontrunner Clinton Shocks Audience with Her Statement

Clinton has a history of remembering what she wants and how she wants, and she seems to have no clue about how her actions and statements affect others. If there is an example of evil incarnate, she is it.

The horrendous murders of an American ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi, Libya were a terrible loss, and one that could have been prevented. Clinton and the Obama administration instead tried to cover it up and blame it on an obscure video. She also lectured in later testimony “at this point, what difference does it make?” when discussing the deaths of these brave Americans. And so perhaps it should not have been such a shock when she was discussing Libya  at a town hall meeting recently.

Hillary Clinton raised some eyebrows last night at a town hall forum when she stated that “we didn’t lose a single person” in Libya.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC had asked the Democratic front-runner about the decision while she was secretary of state to help topple the Qaddafi regime.

“Libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn’t lose a single person. … We didn’t have a problem in supporting our European and Arab allies in working with NATO,” she said, adding that Libya “isn’t perfect” but is also not experiencing the bloodshed of Syria.

It appears that she has erased the deaths of the individuals she knew and worked with from her mind, which no doubt makes it easier for her since her inaction at the time could very well have been the cause of their deaths. No wonder she can be so callous and cold with the survivors since “no one died” in Libya.

Sadly, the media will ignore this statement and continue to support her on her run to the White House. There is really no punishment sufficient to mete out to match her evil, and so we are left with hoping that there is justice in the next life that will finally make her pay for the damage she has done to so many.

Source: insider.foxnews.com




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