Hillary Clinton’s Top Donor Engages in Human Trafficking

Hillary Clinton’s Top Donor Engages in Human Trafficking

While Americans have been heavily focused on the upcoming elections and racism in the United States, many people seem to have forgotten about another real threat that America not only created but allowed to fester due to all of the indecision about how to handle it. And it doesn't seem like there's going to be much change if Hillary moves into the White House, as was demonstrated during the first presidential debate, where racism and social issues took center stage and very little was discussed about ISIS and how to handle them. Only Trump seemed to know what he was talking about when the topic arose.

Funny, right? Considering that Hillary Clinton has more alleged “experience” in handling foreign threats. Well, if her experience with Benghazi tells you anything, she's deluded. In fact, her entire method of thinking is questionable at the best of times, and so is the irony in her claim to support the rights of women. Why is it ironic you might be asking? Well, as it turns out, the people funding Hillary's campaign are also knee deep in human trafficking. That's right. How's that for a beacon of hope for gender equality? America's first female president, whose campaign was funded by the trafficking of young women.

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