Hillary Clinton’s ‘Communication’ Director Explains Email Scandal

To catch up on the scandal briefly, Hillary was required after leaving State Department to turn over all her data, basically all emails, and other transmissions (texts etc.) that dealt with her time as Secretary of State.  What was discovered (and something she tried to cover up, until a judge intervened and ordered her to comply with turning everything over) was she had two unauthorized servers, and yes, one was in the Clinton bathroom.  The FBI get involved seize the severs, find them “wiped” and also find up to four “top secret” documents within a 30,000 cluster of emails (the count may be higher, as things are fluid in the scandal, changing daily).

Then what would team Clinton do, to counter the charges?  Would they not go into the war room, pull an all nighter, and put together a cohesive battle plan to counter these accusations?  Would they not send out those talking points to contradict the alleged charges? Would they have Hillary go over and over practicing their awesome counter attack, so she is seen as in charge spouting possible answers to the hard questions–not just some one liners off the cuff, as what has happened.  Just what is going on?  This is not what a Clinton counter attack looks like!

Here cometh the Communications “god” of her campaign, the Communication Director, Jennifer Palmieri:

…while stuttering in confusion over the technical difference between deleting emails and wiping a server. Her inability to explain away any of the numerous questions still hanging over Clinton reveals the campaign’s inability to move past the issue”.

If the campaign can’t “move past the issue”,  then there is no moving past it folks.  Hillary and her bewildered staffers wild ride is just getting started, and surely  we will see staffers head’s rolling—until the Queen stands alone, the last head to roll.   View Palmieri’s answering the question “who wiped the servers and when” video below.

Source: Washington Free Beacon



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