Hillary Clinton: As White People We Must “Recognize Our Privilege” And “Practice Humility”

If you look at Hillary's life, it's no wonder she thinks that white privilege is real. How many crimes has she committed and not had to face jail time? More than anybody can count.

This is not the first time that Hillary has vowed to help the ‘Black Lives Matter’ cause, despite the movement’s ideological guru being a convicted cop killer who is on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists’ list.

During a conversation with three ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists last summer, Clinton promised to “change laws” and to “change allocation of resources” in order to combat perceived racism.

Perhaps decorated Marine Christopher Marquez wasn’t showing enough “humility” when he was viciously attacked by a mob of black teenagers for refusing to answer when the group demanded to know if he thought “black lives matter”.

And as for the Black Lives Matter movement, maybe they should start paying attention to what white people are saying . . . or not saying. The members of BLM are making up race monsters in order to remain relevant. Meanwhile, white people aren't even allowed to participate in the argument. How is that equal? Maybe if they're going to point out problems, they should throw some solutions on the table.

Source: infowars.com





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