Report: Hillary to be Offered Plea Bargain

Report: Hillary to be Offered Plea Bargain

You can consider the 14th amendment to be a relic of the past. Equal justice under the law is a joke, a brutal slap in the face to the common man.

All Hillary is going to have to do to get off scot free for the rest of her days is sign a document acknowledging she committed at least one of the COUNTLESS prosecutable offenses being investigated, according to a recent report.

Can you even name off the top of your head how many deaths mysteriously linked to the Clintons? Not to mention the whole server/email/national security fiasco, or the blatant played & paid deals with foreign governments and businessmen during her time as secretary of state.


Here is the real kicker. The Justice Department has real dirt of Clinton. Hillary is shaking in her shoes (they looked better on her than the Haitian orphans) right now. They’ve got something so bad, they’re on the verge of doing the impossible, getting Hillary to swallow down her pride and acknowledge authority.

So, why aren’t they just going after Hillary for all she’s worth instead of offering her a get out of jail free plea bargain card? That is a good question.

More on this story, what dirt the DOJ exactly gots on Hillary, and Ed Stein's official statements on the reopening of the investigation all on the next page

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