Hillary Clinton Threatens America With 2020 Run: “I’ll Never Say Never”

There are the certainties in life: taxes, death, baby animals being adorable, and that Liberals cannot seem to see the forest for the trees.

It is true especially in today’s dynamic and polarized world of politics where the DNC-Network Media has been in a tizzy over the possibility that Saint Hillary will reenter the political spectrum once again to announce her candidacy for Queen of the United States. They are asking her, cajoling her and even begging her to trounce this Orange Ogre of the Oval Office and she continues to bask in the love and adoration of her worshippers in the media as she and her daughter, Chelsea, hawk their new book on “Gutsy Women.”


In a recent piece for Politico, Juleanna Glover (two-time loser herself as she advised both the campaigns for the Maverick, John McCain and JEB! Bush) tosses out there into the realm of fantasy how just three Republican senators could conceivably “throw the bum outa office,” by voting to have a “secret ballot initiative” for indictment against Donald Trump for the anticipated Articles of Impeachment.

In the piece, she revels in the possibility, giddy just imagining Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and just one more (possibly Susan Collins) destroying the nation as they vote to overturn the 2016 election by sham proceedings. The Schiff secret inquisition would move on to the McConnell secret ballot initiative. Then, when the GOP senators have no fear of reprisal from an obviously corrupt president and his minions, they’d (in the civil words of Representative Rashida Tlaib) “impeach the muthaf**ker!

This would, of course, obviate the Democrats to rally behind the very next call to action of throwing Mike Pence out of office as well (after the “Lock him up!” crowd got their way and Trump was put on trial for…whatever they come up with). As a matter of fairness, if Trump is a criminal and stole the election from Hillary, then Pence was an accomplice.

Finally, as I’ve already postulated, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be elevated to President Pelosi and she’d immediately shut down the Durham-Barr investigation into the investigators, tender Attorney General Barr’s resignation, install an Establishmentariat lifer, put the Horowitz IG report into the warehouse where they keep the Ark of the Covenant, never to be seen again, and finally, as her final act, step down and make Hillary Clinton the rightful heir to her throne.


Listen to Hillary as she whines some more to the fawning British Progressive press in this interview. It starts at 9:42 when she is asked whether she’ll be running again. Her answer is not a definitive “no” and her daughter of course adds her two cents worth about the “tsunami of meanness” that permeates politics (translation: Donald Trump is very naughty to everyone!).

Her answer is nearly identical to another that she gave in answer to the same question from another British interviewer, that video is below this first one. As Breitbart had noted, the BBC Radio Live 5 reporter (sounding like a clone supplied by our own National Progressive Radio (NPR)) purred the question, to which Hillary wanted to assure everyone that she wasn’t going to be running, but that she could “never say never.” Also that she was facing “enormous pressure” to make a 2020 run and that she wanted to ‘retire’ President Trump.


Sources:  Politico / Breitbart


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