Hillary Clinton: Obama Trusts Me, So America Should, Too

Hillary Clinton: Obama Trusts Me, So America Should, Too

Hillary Clinton can’t stop lying.

Her poor relationship with the truth has a long and storied past, but this election cycle it all began with Benghazi.

When Islamic militants ambushed the US consulate in Benghazi, Clinton’s state department said that the attack was a spontaneous protest about an online video. In private, Clinton admitted n an email that the attack had “nothing to do with the film.”

We only know this, of course, because requests for Hillary Clinton’s emails after the attack revealed that she was not using her state department email address. Instead, she was using a private account being hosted by a server on her own property. When asked about the setup, she lied and said it was built for use by her husband when he was president. When it was discovered that that wasn’t the case, she once again lied and said that the server handled no classified information.

When an FBI investigation discovered that that was false, she decided to insist to the American people that the FBI had proven her truthfulness on the matter.

Of course, that was a lie — and the latest in a long an arduous list of lies that has made Hillary Clinton one of the least trusted politicians in history.

Still, she thinks people will come around. See why she thinks she won’t be remembered as the world’s biggest liar on the next page:

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