Hillary Clinton Lobbyist Curses Cops: ‘You may shut the f*** up’

A video released by a New Jersey police department shows a Washington lobbyist who was a primary fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run resigned her commissionership as Port Authority commissioner after being caught cursing out police on video.

You may shut the f— up!” fumed the lobbyist, Caren Turner, at a Tenafly, NJ, cop during a March 31 traffic stop of a car in which Turner’s daughter had been a passenger.

“You’re an ass,” Turner later told the officer, according to a police report released Wednesday. “Look at that smug-ass look on your face.”

Turner, 60, had become increasingly frustrated and angry after police politely declined to discuss in detail why they had pulled over that car, which was being impounded after being found to have an expired registration.

A police dash-cam video — which has gone viral — shows Turner, who lives in Tenafly, arriving in her own vehicle just as police were finishing up ticketing the driver for violations that included failure to have a current insurance car, driving an unregistered vehicle, and driving with the license plate obscured.

And she promptly began taking a peremptory tone, dropping names and mentioning her position as a commissioner of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. She also flashed a gold badge from the PA at the cops.

The Port Authority operates all three major New York area airports, river crossings between Manhattan and New Jersey, and the World Trade Center site in New York.

Source: CNBC



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