Hillary Clinton Lies About ISIS Using Donald Trump In Their Propaganda


The untenable nature of Hillary’s claim that Donald Trump is helping ISIS with his rhetoric and the outright falsehood of her other claim that the jihadists organization used footage of him speaking in their videos is making it impossible for liberals to defend her. Not even the Huffington Post is able to stomach standing by her remarks.

“Of course, there’s no video. Not even close. Some might argue that when Trump advocates temporarily shutting down Muslim immigration, it plays into the hands of the terrorists, who would use those statements as proof of America’s Islamophobia.

But a video as a recruitment tool? No.

Politifact rated the claim ‘False:’

Not having heard that before, our eyebrows went up when we heard Clinton’s comment, and we weren’t alone. The Twittersphere, on both the right and the left, picked up on Clinton’s statement and questioned whether she had any evidence for it.

Extensive Google searches did not turn up any evidence. And the response from the Clinton campaign did not point to any specific videos.”

“Yes, then. It is another case where Hillary blames a video on terrorist activities. She’s so old, she’s now just using the same lie over and over again to fit whatever the storyline is.

How depressing.”


Here’s the last ISIS video…with Trump nowhere to be found:

Source: The Federalist




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