Hillary Clinton: I’ve Always Tried to Tell the Truth

Hillary Clinton: I’ve Always Tried to Tell the Truth

Hillary Clinton has never told a lie.

That’s what she’s saying now, anyway.

Except about Benghazi, where she lied to the families of the victims and said their fallen family members died in a protest while admitting in emails that the videos had nothing to do with the attack.

Speaking of her emails. She lied about those, too. She claimed her emails were on a server set up for Bill Clinton. That wasn’t true.

She said there was no classified material on that private email server. ThatĀ also wasn’t true.

She then switched once more to suggest that none of the emails were marked classified at the time, and now its looking as if that’s not true as well, as emails suggesting that she was stripping classifications from documents before sending them electronically have now been uncovered.

This web of lies stems from just Benghazi,and yet somehow she has the audacity to claim she doesn’t believe she has never lied to the American people. I guess that’s just one more lie she can add to her repertoire.

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