Hillary at Muslim Public Affairs Council: It’s America’s Fault Moderate Muslims Don’t Condemn Terrorists

In another display of why we cannot trust her to combat radical Islamic terror—a phrase that she cannot even utter—Shrillary and her cohorts saved their sharpest criticisms for Republicans, and stood up for Muslims as described by Breitbart:

Clinton used the forum to “bolster her foreign policy credentials while condemning her Republican rivals’ ‘divisive language’ in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium, on Tuesday.”

She then bizarrely suggested that the reason moderate Muslims don’t speak out more is because they figure they can get more attention by being extremists.

“Think about it: the way you get eyes, or ears, is to be provocative, even extreme — to say things that are going to draw attention,” she continued. “That’ll get you invited back, or that’ll get you more, you know, responses to whatever it is you’re posting.”

Added this to push the point home: America provides for free speech, yet that isn’t good enough for Hillary Clinton, who is seeking to justify why all these ‘peaceful’ Muslims don’t ‘get their opposition to radical Islam’ heard. No, it’s somehow a problem of free speech that some voices are bigger than others and stamp out the rest.

It is only a matter of time before President Obama, Hillary, and their other minions start telling us that the first “I” in ISIS stands for white “idiots,” because that is obviously what they think the American people must be to believe them.

Source: Breitbart



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