Hillary Clinton Gets Called Out by Louis Farrakhan: ‘That’s a Wicked Woman’

Farrakhan Lists Grievances Against Hillary

Clinton recently met with the mother of Treyvon Martin to show “support” for the family. She is the ultimate opportunist and phony, a narcissist who will do whatever she must to achieve her personal goal of the presidency. One wonders if she even remembers the mothers name, but she will work the meeting for all it's worth. Farrakhan also cites the mass incarcerations, the destruction of Libya, and reminds the audience that Clinton called young black men super predators.

Farrakhan is also a phony, but in this case his assessment is spot on. Unfortunately, the Democrat party has a lock on the black population in this country, in spite of the great harm they have inflicted on black families and individuals. But the video is well worth watching.




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