Hillary Clinton Dons a Hijab in New Ad Campaign

Hillary Clinton Dons a Hijab in New Ad Campaign

If there’s one thing that Hillary Clinton has consistently proven over the course of her sorry and corrupt-beyond-meausre career as a politician, it’s that just when you think she can’t contradict herself any further, she pulls off a stunt that leaves even members of her own party in disbelief.

In her latest campaign video, she tries to show her non-existent experience with foreign policy by attempting to make a feminist speech in China, and wearing a Hijab. If you’re having trouble connecting the dots, let’s think about those two things for a moment.

China is a place where a Communist regime forces women to have abortions due to their restrictions on child birth. Then there’s the Hijab, an Islamic garment of submission. Not only is this garment a source of Muslim violence against women, but historically, its purpose was to distinguish Muslim women who couldn’t be raped from non-Muslim slave women. How’s that for feminism?

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