Hillary Clinton Delivers Arms to Terrorists Through Middle East Proxy

Any nation that wishes to insert its military into the Middle-East must understand that this is not a place where loyalties are clearly defined.  At least not by nations' borders.  Militant groups in that area frequently transcend those lines on the map, and couldn't care less about them.  And even within what appear to be national borders, multiple groups are violently contending for control.

The very weapons we furnish to groups thought to be our allies are subsequently fired back at us by some other militant group.

Even with what might be hoped to be the best of intentions, it's very likely you're going to get it wrong.  Of course, assuming that our political leaders are acting with noble and pure motives is just plain stupid.  So it's a pretty safe bet that American funds and lives are going to be wasted in any military adventure in the Middle East.

We can turn to a WikiLeaks release we've reproduced below to get support for our position thus expressed:

  • Note comments such as Qatar offering to pay $1 million dollars for access to WJC for “five minutes” — and we know who that is.
  • Qatar would “welcome our suggestions for investments in Haiti,” clearly through the Clinton Foundation.  What does Qatar care about Haiti?  Can its officials even find Haiti on a map?

Think Qatar might expect something in return, like a nice arms deal?

Note at point 4 in the email below from Mr. Podesta that he states that the US government needs to,

… bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.

So, as we just pointed out, US policy involves selling Qatar access to Bill Clinton for $1 million for five minutes, while the US provides arms to Qatar which is supporting ISIL, an organization the US claims to be fighting elsewhere.

And there really are people who think this foreign “policy” is actually going to work? Well, one supposes it would for their devious plans.

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