Hillary Clinton: ‘Bernie Ran Against Me Due to Sexism’

Hillary Clinton: ‘Bernie Ran Against Me Due to Sexism’

Hillary Clinton has so many excuses for why she lost the 2016 presidential elections she literally wrote a book.

The latest revelation from What Happened? Other people ran in the primaries to be the Democratic nominee, that did lasting damage to her campaign, o and wait for it – other Democratic nominees ran because of sexism.

And it doesn’t end there, Hillary has a LOT to say about both Bernie Sanders, and the so called “Bernie Bros”.

You have to wonder, for a woman always screaming sexism, is she too senile at this point to remember who she is married to? You have to wonder… Or is the next What Happened excerpt going to attack Bill for being a lying murderous sleazebag worthy of being the Swamp Goddesses Husband?

What Happened – to our country. Head on over to the next page to hear Hillary explain how Bernie Sanders isn’t a real “Democrat” and how hippie “Bernie Bros” are the most sexist intolerant beings on the planet.

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