Hillary Clinton Admits to Bookkeeping Blunders

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) has filed an ethics complaint against the Clinton’s and their Foundation alleging “that Clinton gave “preferential treatment to individuals with which she had financial ties” and “regularly granted access” to rich donors, celebrities, and non-Americans.”   Hillary, of course, claimed that the Foundation has provided “absolutely, overwhelming disclosure”, but also admitted to screwed up accounting, too.

During the interview, Cooper said, “The foundation has obviously raised huge sums of money… it’s always not been transparent, though: tens of millions of dollars have come from a Canadian partnership whose donors can remain secret. There was a large donation from Algeria that wasn’t submitted to State Department for approval.”

Furthermore, FACT founder and former U.S. Attorney Matthew Whitaker told The DCNF that Clinton “allowed insider access and pay-to-play politics” where donors to the Clinton Foundation and to her campaigns received “regular access” to her office.

While Hillary was Secretary of State, it has been reported by the Daily Caller that “$13 million dollars in grants, contracts, and loans were given to a Clinton Foundation.”  This Foundation has been used to “rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, including vast sums from foreign donors.”

She dodged Anderson’s question regarding Bill stepping down from the Foundation, should she become President.  It is certain she would hate to have her foreign gravy train dry up.


Source: Daily Caller







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