Hillary Claims Sex Tape is Fake, Despite the Actual Sex Part

Hillary Claims Sex Tape is Fake, Despite the Actual Sex Part

Hillary Clinton has been reaching deep in her bag of dirty tricks in an attempt to shame Donald Trump. After apparently using former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado to make Trump look like he hates women and immigrants, she started tweeting things about Trump's retort that Machado, despite the media's efforts to make her look like a victim, isn't as innocent as Hillary Clinton would have you believe.

After claims arose from both Hillary and Machado that Trump fat shamed the model during her time competing for Miss America, which was back in the '90s, Trump fired back by showing the world who Machado really is. As it turns out, she not only tried to murder somebody back in Venezuela, she also appeared in a sex tape. After this was Tweeted by Trump, Hillary replied, saying that it was a conspiracy theory.

Then the taped surfaced, and so did Machado in the bed of Fernando Acaso, a Spanish reality television star. Now, the liberal media is trying to say that it was a risque scene on the reality television show called The Farm. Since when did reality television shows start start showing genital contact?

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