High-Tech Railgun Promises to Give Military Powerful New Advantage

These leaps in weapon innovation are all being done in the name of defending America against an allegedly growing global threat from Russia and China. Roper started at the Missile Defense Agency in August of 2009 and by May of the following year, he'd become the agency's chief architect.

At SCO, however, the renaissance man leads a crew developing systems that sound straight out of a science fiction flick, such as the “swarming” micro drones that can either “fly through heavy winds and be kicked out the back of a fighter jet moving at Mach 0.9” or be “thrown into the air by a soldier in the middle of the Iraqi desert,” according to Carter.

“And for the water, they’ve developed self-driving boats, which can network together to do all sorts of missions, from fleet defense to close-in surveillance – including around an island, real or artificial, without putting our sailors at risk,” he said.

You can watch a video of the railgun below, an impressive weapon that could obliterate just about anything it was aimed at. Roper and his think tank have money and not a lot of red tape when it comes to spending it. This can be a good thing or a dangerous one.

Source: foxnews.com



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