High School Classmate Speaks Out on Donald Trump’s ‘Racism’

The allegations of racism against Donald Trump have reached a cacophony on the left among Trump's most ardent protesters. They hate his plainspoken manner and his willingness to confront illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is the electoral plan for the left around the world.
In Europe they disguise compassion for what is really the importation of future votes. By promising a welfare lifestyle to migrants, the left can literally bribe its way into office year after year.
The United States will be no exception. By waving over millions of illegals from our southern border, the left is calculation that they can maintain that population as a voting bloc.
Donald Trump's plan for border security is the single biggest threat to the left's power in our lifetimes. They will throw anything at him in desperation to stop border security.
Enter Peter Ticktin, a long-time friend of Donald Trump. He lays out his case for The Donald on the next page.

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