Heidi Cruz: “Ted is an immigrant”

It is hard to point to exactly what doomed Texas Senator Ted Cruz's 2016 presidential run — other than the one named Donald Trump.  One could point to a number of missteps, failures, and decisions that backfired as the thing that destroyed the once-hopeful Cruz's aspirations for the highest office.

Many saw Cruz as devious and manipulative — ambitious to a fault.  Voters got the feeling that Cruz would do anything to get elected.  This began in Iowa with “voter violation” notices going out to voters, continued when his campaign told voters that Ben Carson had dropped out, and came to a boil when his campaign sent out a Photoshopped picture of Marco Rubio with Barack Obama.

Thus, Lyin' Ted was born.

Another reason many voters were wary was due to the dual citizenship Cruz held up until recently.  Cruz — born in Canada — remained Canadian citizenship up until recently when he officially renounced it.  Donald Trump hit him hard on his Canadian birth, and the campaign pushed back claiming the Constitution was clear on the issue.

And then, unbelievably, just before the Indiana primary that officially ended his campaign, his wife, Heidi actually told supporters that her husband was an immigrant.  To read exactly what Heidi Cruz said, and to determine whether this helped down his presidential run, continue reading on the next page:



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