Are Health Insurers to blame for cancellations?

Are Health Insurers to blame for cancellations?

In Boston on Wednesday, President Obama tried to shift blame for the wave of health insurance cancellations onto “bad apple insurers”. In many cases, disappointed consumers have learned that their current insurance package would be cancelled and, under the Affordable Care Act, they could only be replaced with different, more expensive plans with coverage mandated by the new law.

The president characterized insurers complying with his law as somehow unscrupulous, but can he have it both ways? He wants citizens to comply and sign up via ObamaCare exchanges – at least if they are young and unlikely to cost the system money in the short run – but he chastises companies for falling in line with the requirements of the act.

It is unsurprising that the architect of a socialized medical system would criticize companies that stand in the way of the single-payer system he desires. The insurance companies are doing exactly what the Democrats want, what the Act is designed to force them to do, and by making them out to be the villains,  Obama can continue to push for a single-payer system that would eliminate private insurers and give government ultimate control over all aspects of the lives of Americans.

Source: Real Clear Politics




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