Hawaii Lawyer: Honor Killings Are Islamic, Trump EO Violates 1st Amendment

A lawyer for a Hawaiian judge who refused to enforce Executive Order 13780 (one that attempts to block travel of immigrants from areas of the world that have promoted violence and murder against other nations) based on a false premise that the travel ban discriminated against a certain religion (Islam) is being argued in the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals where Leftist activist judges are hearing the arguments of Leftist activist lawyers on behalf of Leftist activist judges.

Sounds like a joke, but it is not.  The same Leftist judges that have been pictured marching in these anti-Trump, anti-American protests are here in here in their Kabuki theater with their faux-outrage on full display.

Neal Katyal is arguing before the court that Trump's Executive Order is in violation of the First Amendment, one that states that Congress shall not “establish” or support a particular religion.

In order for Katyal's argument to hold true, one would have to assume that the language contained within EO13780 is one that, a) mentions Christianity (or some other core religion promoted by the government) by name in order to “establish” said religion, and b) shows language that “enforces” such religion as the only religion with penalties for not complying to said-created/supported religion.

Instead, the Executive Order (which has no language about religion at all) is merely a ban on those people who would commit violent acts against Americans.  If it is about religion, then Leftists must break with their tradition of denial, and actually admit that Islam is both religion and civil law simultaneously.

That's the slippery slope upon which this lawyer must tread.  Yet, in his argument, he fully accepts this premise to make his ridiculous argument against the EO13780 by admitting it outright.

Why don't Leftists want to admit that Islam is both religion and civil law at the same time?

By admitting this, they are in effect saying that all state-sponsored terror committed by these maniacs, as well as these radicalized versions of fundamentalist jihadists who are committing murder around the globe (ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda) are in fact following their “religion of peace.”  Allowing that Islam is both peaceful and murderous at the same time is the conundrum under which they labor.

Additionally, Katyal goes on to say that Trump, in order to get this Executive Order passed, must do away with certain language that pinpoints Islam.  What language is that, you may ask?

“It could eliminate the text, which refers to honor killings.  There's a bunch of different things that could be done.  And our fundamental point to you is that presidents don't run into Establishment Clause problems and the reason for that is this is a very limited, you know, in a really unusual case in which you have these public statements by the President.  If you affirm the district court there's not a thing that any president has done in our lifetime that would be unconstitutional.”

Putting aside the disjointed nature of this argument and the total disregard for a cohesive complaint, Katyal insists to the Ninth Circus that if President Trump would remove the words “honor killings,” that would make the Executive Order “more legal” because it would not pinpoint Islam as the target of the order.

This is laughable on its face when one considers that Katyal has just equated the “religion of peace” with “honor killings.”  He is saying that the beheading of wives and daughters for indiscretions that they see as warranting such murders is Islam's “religion of peace” solution to misbehaving wives and children!  This is an argument we as Conservatives have been making (and that which has been rejected by the Left) for decades.

There's more, however, that Katyal sees as qualifying EO13780 as a valid law-making document.

“I'm going to throw out some examples.  I'm not trying to micro manage the President.  He could say, like President Bush did, right after September 11th, the face of terror is not the true faith of Islam.  That's not what Islam is about.  Islam is peace.  Instead, we get, quote, Islam hates us.  I think Islam hates us.”

So, in other words, Katyal suggests that Trump bear false witness (lie) in order to pass his “travel ban.”  Yes, President Trump, please, tell the people that Islam is peaceful, that all they wish to do is give a puppy or kitten to each child and heal cancer in the world.  They are peaceable, peaceful and peace-liness peaceniks without an in-peaceful bone in their peaceful religious bodies!  Oh, did I mention they believe in peace?”

According to Katyal, Trump must also prove that he has changed since December 2015.  Oh, yes, he must prove this.  Who knew that in order to pass an Executive Order, one had to prove his “intentions,” by a litmus test that only Leftists can interpret?

“I think he could point to changed circumstances from December 2015, when Congress debated the exact same evidence that the President relies on in his executive order and say, you know, we actually need more than just denying people entry without a visa, which is what Congress required.”

So, what this charade at the Ninth Circus all comes down to is that, in order for Trump to have his Executive Order 13780 passed through Congress and made legal, he merely continue to accept Islam whistling past the graveyard as they honor kill their way to peace, ensuring that he is showering them with compliments, defending their right to their practice of misogyny, anti-Semitism, Christophobia, gay-murdering, and terrorism at random of their own choosing, while maintaining to a very confused and disappointed public that “Islam means ice cream and daisies” until finally, we all just get together and sing some Carpenters songs around the bonfire (the Constitution used as kindling, of course)!

Sounds like a plan.

Source:  Breitbart

Image: ThePolitic




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