What Happens if a Candidate Doesn’t Live to See the Election

What Happens if a Candidate Doesn’t Live to See the Election

While many of our readers have a longer time-frame than do I, at age 59 I would say that this is the weirdest presidential election I've ever witnessed.

Thus far the election process has produced one candidate who is so thoroughly corrupt and meglomaniacal that the fact that Hillary's even still in the race is an indictment of our society.

The other candidate is a billionaire real-estate tycoon who started off his campaign with some pretty inflammatory and controversial statements, but who never-the-less defeated some impressive competitors to win his party's nomination. Since this seems to be the election year of the “outsider,” this may actually help Mr. Trump.

For me, the choice is obvious.  Hillary needs to be kept as far away from the White House as possible. With her warmongering and bellicose statements, there might not be much left of planet Earth by the end of her presidency.  While The Donald is obviously not without his faults, the world is much more likely to be in one piece at the end of a Trump presidency.  And he might actually get some very positive things accomplished.

But debating worthiness of candidates isn't the purpose of this piece. Exploring what might happen if one of the candidates ceases to be able to run is.

Part of this interest in how candidates are replaced stems from specualations about the health of Hillary Clinton.  There are clearly reasons to wonder if she has one or more serious illnesses.  Her erratic behavior coupled with her known health history and comments by medical professionals have done nothing to quiet speculations that failing health may remove her before election day.

Trump is another case.  He's actually a bit older than Hillary, but does not appear to have any of the questionable health issues that besiege her.  Concern about The Donald centers more on specualations on whether there might be attempts on his life — tragically, not an unprecidented possibility in U. S. elections.

So what could happen if one of these candidates became unable to continue for whatever reason?

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