Half Billion in Taxpayer-Funded Military Training…

According to PJ Media, the first 60 graduates of Obama’s special rebel army passed from Turkey into Syria two weeks ago…and vanished. At a cost of $4M per fighter to train and equip, that is a lot of loss for not any gain.


The news today:


A report that a fresh class of U.S.-trained recruits were arrested today upon entering Syria.

Tanir links to this Turkish Sputnik News report that says Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda’s official affiliate in Syria, arrested the 18 U.S.-trained members of Obama’s “vetted moderate” rebel army for being American agents.

This is just the latest embarrassing episode for Obama’s $500 million anti-ISIS army approved by congressional Republicans back in September.

Despite having spent half of those funds already, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter revealed to Congress earlier this month that only 60 fighters had been trained so far. This amounts to $4 million per fighter.

A McClatchy news service filing from earlier in the week reports that 50 members of that first class are MIA. Now 18 members of the next class are in the custody of al-Qaeda. The entire PJ Media account is here.

JV team? This is worse than a pick-up game in the school yard among elementary students.

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