‘Gunpocalypse’ Passes CA Assembly; Heads Quickly to Governor Brown

‘Gunpocalypse’ Passes CA Assembly; Heads Quickly to Governor Brown

American politicians have a nasty history of politicizing terror in order to push their own personal agendas, but the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, FL has brought many California politicians to a new low.

Dissatisfied with simply winning political points in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, the Democrat-controlled California Assembly has moved forward with a handful of bills that uses the shooting as justification to take away citizens' constitutionally guaranteed rights.

That's right. They're coming for your guns, California, and they're doing so quickly and quietly.

The five bills range from a ridiculous reclassification of common firearms to a full repeal of Second Amendment rights for citizens charged with unrelated non-violent offenses.

See the full list of proposed bills, along with how you can do your part to stop the government's overreach, on the next page:

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