Gunman Opens Fire Near Anti-Trump Protestors in Seattle

Having focused on the importance to our Republic of fair and transparent elections, we have apparently neglected to emphasize the right to protest the results of those elections provided those protests are peaceful.  Some of Hillary’s supporters clearly don’t see things this way as rioting over the election has broken out in multiple cities.  Hillary needs to tell her supporters to knock it off.

Seattle, one of the “bluest” of blue cities is the location where a gunman opened fire into a crowd.

A gunman opened fire in downtown Seattle on Wednesday evening following an argument and wounded five people, one man critically, not far from protests against the surprise victory of Republican Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election.

The shooting did not appear to be connected to the anti-Trump demonstrations but instead stemmed from a personal argument, said Robert Merner, assistant chief of the Seattle Police Department.

The shooting might not have been directly “connected to the anti-Trump demonstrations,” but the motivation stems from the same anger fueling protests in Seattle and riots elsewhere.

“It appears that some type of argument took place. This individual began to walk away from the crowd, then turned and fired into the crowd,” Merner told reporters.

He said the suspect then fled from the area on foot and remained at large more than an hour later.

The most seriously injured victim, a man, was rushed to nearby Harborview Medical Center, where he was listed in critical condition on Wednesday night.

The other four victims, identified only as one woman and three men, all sustained non-life threatening wounds to their legs, police said.

What’s missing from this story is the nature of this “personal argument.”  Was the shooter protesting the election of Trump, or protesting the protestors?  Not that it matters from a law enforcement standpoint: the suspect needs to be prosecuted.

Even with that omission from the story, it’s still interesting to read how Reuters is spinning this.  Take note of the liberal bias we’ve come to expect:

Thousands of people rallied in cities across the United States on Wednesday to protest against Trump’s win, blasting his controversial campaign rhetoric against immigrants, Muslims and other groups.

In Seattle, hundreds of protesters marched through the downtown streets.

Interesting.  Seattle is a city with a population of around 700,000.  And only “hundreds of protestors” hit the streets?  Assume 700 protestors turned out.  That would be one-tenth of one percent of the folks available for a protest.  A bit anemic, isn’t it?

Fortunately it’s unlikely that a few hundred protestors in Seattle or a few thousand nationwide are going to change Mr. Trump’s program.  The peaceful protestors will wear out and go home.  And the violent ones need to go to jail.

Source:  Reuters



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