Gun Store Grandma Gives her Opinion on Obama

What the world needs more of is the likes of Grandma Kellim of Roseburg, Oregon.  This gun store owner has a heart of golden kindness, donating all profits to a homeless charity, and sharp wit as well, able to counter the left's lunacy on gun control.

She said that she is “sick of ‘executive anus' President Obama's ‘strange ideas' on gun control and she doubts whether “he’s ever carried a gun.” She added, “I’m not sure he’s ever shot one … but he seems to think that they’re bad all the way through. They’re not.”

After the shooting at Umpqua College, she was asked whether more gun laws should be passed and she responded, “I think that’s the worst thing in the world they could do. They’ve got so many laws now that they are not even looking at, and more constraints on guns is not the answer.”

Grandma Kellum gives to the homeless charity for this reason,

The thing that we need to do … we need to love people a heck of a lot more and make sure that all of our people in this community are accepted and that they have friends and that they have somebody maybe to just sit down and talk to.

Source: Breitbart



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