Guardian: Time to De-develop Rich Countries for for UN ‘Global Goals’ Agenda

Guardian: Time to De-develop Rich Countries for for UN ‘Global Goals’ Agenda

The sky is falling. The world is coming to an end. The evil western developed countries are causing the end of mankind as we know it.

Okay, now that that is out of the way, we can consider a new article by Jason Hickel, an anthropologist at the London School of Economics. He is one of several proposing a new look at civilization, and he is frantic. The gist is that developed countries are using too many global resources, and we need to cut way back so that the earth can breath and the poor can survive.

Heads of state are gathering in New York to sign the UN’s new “sustainable” development goals (SDGs), and this article tracks quite nicely with that meeting. The plan is designed to eradicate poverty throughout the world by 2030, and media stars such as the ignorant Beyonce, the young and naive boy band One Direction, and Malala, the activist promoting girls education in Muslim countries are all on board, so you know there is some serious intellectual fire power here.

This is wrapping socialism in new paper, but the fundamentals are the same. Hickel insists that Westerners need to stop living the good life and consume less, much less. In fact, we should cut our consumption to one fourth of what it is now. That means your house, your food, your clothes, your car, everything. The joke is that the UN representatives, academics like Hickel, and media stars like Beyonce are all exempt, because they are the elites. And the next step is to hand over all of our wealth because (one presumes) we have not really earned it, we just happen to be lucky. Ask the guy working two or three jobs to feed and cloth his family if he agrees with that and you will get a very different perspective.

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