Growing Numbers Support a Military Coup in US

Conducted by YouGov, a new survey has found a surprising 29% of Americans could actually imagine a scenario where they would support a military takeover in the United States. Of course, the end result is to restore our Constitution and a government that actually and fully supports it…something not seen for a time.

A total of 41% could not imagine supporting such an event. This means 70 million Americans are potentially ready kick out the clowns in office by force. Source: Daily Caller

Comparison to consider: Keep in mind only 1/10 of 1% in this country are actually homosexual…but we had same sex marriage forced on us. Parallels can be drawn here.
Republicans, with more of a “take action” stance, were more than twice as likely to back potential ousters than Democrats, with the two parties polling 43 percent and 20 percent, respectively.
Part of the suspected reason for fondness towards a U.S. upheaval is that military officers consistently garner more public support than politicians. And they tend to be traditional and conservative. From the same survey, 70% of respondents believed that military officers want what’s best for America, compared to a paltry 12% who think the same of members of Congress—a major disparity. Actually, 71% of respondents believe that members of Congress only want what’s best for themselves. Touche!
So, send this to your representative and let them know what you expect of them.





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