Growing Calls for Federal Criminal Investigation of Clinton Email Security Breach

Hillary Clinton is making it very obvious that she’s above the law and getting lazy at covering up her “dirty work”. Yet she’s relying on the government and the many gullible Americans to actually believe all her lies. It’s absurd! Something needs to be done and something will be done to stop this. Hillary’s lies will soon catch up to her and it won’t be pretty.

With U.S. intelligence officials scrambling to contain damage from potentially hundreds of spy agency secrets in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private emails, questions are mounting over why the Justice Departmenthas not yet opened a criminal investigation against the Democratic presidential front-runner for mishandling a mountain of classified information.

While some secrecy experts believe Mrs. Clinton will be able to build a strong case that material on her server was not classified at the time it was moving through her emails, others assert that what the former secretary of state did was far more egregious than the mishandling of information that saw former CIA Director David H. Petraeus sentenced to two years probation and a $100,000 fine.Mr. Petraeus pleaded guilty to improperly handling hard-copy binders of classified military files and sharing them with his mistress and biographer.
“Information put on her home-cooked server and then sent around to other accounts is a very, very serious counterintelligence breach, and they’re going to have to have a really substantial look at the damage
that’s been done to every agency that’s had its intelligence compromised,” he said.
But there’s a catch. While officials combing tens of thousands of emails that moved through Mrs. Clinton’s server have pointed to the presence of “hundreds” of pieces of classified information — apparently none of the messages had any official classification markings on them.
“To the best of my understanding, there is no comparison between the Clinton email issue and the Petraeus case,” says Steven Aftergood, who heads the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists. “Everyone agrees that there was no information in the Clinton emails that was marked as classified. So it would be difficult or impossible to show that those who sent or received the emails knowingly or negligently mishandled classified information.”
While speculation surges about entire sections that have been redacted or “blacked out” from thousands of pages of emails that the State Department has released from Mrs. Clinton’s private server, at least one email chain appears to contain what Mr. Aftergood described as “diplomatically sensitive” information.


Stay tuned to find out what other sneaky moves Hillary can possibly come up with or if justice will finally be served for the American people once and for all.

Source: Washington Times

Photo: Marc Nozell on Flickr


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