Government Permits 22 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps To Function Inside US

We have Islamic terrorists training and committing terror right here in the US, yet, these camps are still not classified as ‘terrorist' and are allowed to continue.

The hard-to-digest reality is that they are needed as part of the infiltration of the US by elements who seek to destroy this country – those who wish to dismantle our nation and rebuild it into a totalitarian regime.

For example, the feds knew about the Tsarnaev brothers and Russia even warned us about them, yet they were allowed to carry out the Boston bombing. An ‘oops' moment, or a successful action to help usher in the police state?

One report by Judge Napolitano shows us how the feds create terrorists and terrorist plots and then bust everyone involved and take credit for foiling a terrorist plot of their own making.

All this is called ‘hiding in plain sight', and it works extremely well.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Fox News



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