Government Lies and Misinformation

Government Lies and Misinformation

As the country reacts to widespread health insurance cancellations, Americans are starting to understand that a terrible website is the least of the problems with ObamaCare. The requirements of the act dictate different selections of program benefits, forcing insurers to repackage what they offer and cancel many existing plans. Somehow, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney manages to blame these cancellations on the “wild wild west insurance companies”.

It is clearly misleading to lay the blame on companies that are complying with the act, but that is not the only lie, or even the most important one. Michael Medved cites three other broken promises from Obama:

This situation undermines three key promises by the president. First, we’re likely to see more uninsured Americans, not fewer. Second, the pledge that “you can keep your current insurance if you like it” stands exposed as a grotesque lie. And third, sticker shock regarding vastly more expensive replacement policies contradicts oft-repeated claims that “typical” families would see premium reductions of $2,500 a year.

Source: Michael Medved



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